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MOUNTAINEERING: Needle of Chambeyron - Brec of Chambeyron - Tip of Aval - Peak of La Frema - Tour of Brec of Chambeyron - Lake of 9 Couleurs
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Access to the mountain hut

From fouillouse, cross the hamlet and take the pathway on the left just at the exit of the village. After a steep climb of around 1 hour 30 minutes, the slope subsides till you reach the hut which you will see only at the end. 

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes 

Difficulty level: Easy 

lac des 9 couleurs

Lac des 9 couleurs (lake of 9 colours)

An easy walk of 1 hour from the mountain hut that allows you to access the iconic lake of 9 colours situated in the midst of the highest peaks of the valley.  

Duration: 1 hour 

Difficulty level: easy 


tour du brec du chambeyron (Tour of brec du Chambeyron)

A full day hike to return to Fouillouse passing through Italy. 

Duration: 6 hours 

Difficulty level: Medium 

pas de la couleta

pas de la couleta (The couleta mountain pass)

From the mountain hut, descend towards Fouillouse within 2 hours that allows you make a circuit after having eaten a blueberry tart. (From Fouillouse, you can climb up to the mountain hut in 3h30)



brec de chambeyron


A fairly hard climb, a helmet is obligatory which allows you to reach the peak, from where you will see a very different appearance. 

Difficulty level: Fairly hard